May 3, 2020

What is a free boiler grant?

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Do you need a new boiler? Do you want to get a free energy efficient boiler? You may surely get a free boiler for the replacement of your old boiler and get a new  free boiler to install. The government provides you with a new boiler under the warmth allowance. Under the provisions, you are entitled to get a new boiler if you come up to specific eligibility criteria. But it is not free for all; thousands of homeowner has taken the benefits of free boiler scheme that pay for the process of getting a new boiler. There are several means to become qualified for a free boiler grant, and you can get a replacement.

Individual companies are licensed to provide homeowners with an exchange of their outdated and inefficient boiler. If you qualify, your heating and energy bills will get a decrease. There are professionals to assist you for the entire process. You can apply for the grant before you remove your old boiler and get a new A-rated boiler for free. There are some rules that you need to follow for the purpose.


You get certain benefits that come with free boiler grant. You not only get a free boiler and save money on maintenance and removal charges. There are also some extra benefits in the form of energy efficiency and reduced costs that you avail with free boiler grant. If your boiler is older than five years and it may not be energy efficient, obviously you are wasting extra money overheating costs.

Free brand new A-rated boiler offers you 90% energy efficiency with only 10% wastage. If we multiply it for a year, you get considerable relief. It means you not only save extra cost but also get assistance in energy bills due to increased efficiency of quality brand new boilers.

The government funds the boiler grant, and there are no obligations and hidden expenditure. If you hire an experienced team of professionals for the process, you have the extra benefits. You should benefit from this initiative to save costs on energy bills and save energy. All the homeowners and private tenants have access to free boiler grant in the UK. You can get a grant f you fulfill specific qualifying criteria.