Solicitors in Dublin given role as city Sheriffs December 5, 2018

Solicitors in Dublin given role as city Sheriffs

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Solicitors are legal practitioners whose duties involve dealing with legal matters in certain jurisdictions. To work as a solicitor, a person must hold specific qualifications which are defined by the law. These qualifications are not similar for each and every jurisdiction. Each has its specific demands. In England, legal experts such as solicitors in Skelmersdale are appointed under the Solicitors Act of 1974.

To be able to practice as a solicitor, one must hold a certificate that permits them to take up the role. The job description of a solicitor involves acting on behalf of both commercial and private clients. Solicitors also give advice to these clients in matters related to law. Most solicitors decide to specialize in a certain area once they have attained all the required qualifications. For instance, one can specialize in litigation, family, tax or property. Those that work for commercial law companies give advice to large corporate clientele.

Solicitors have now taken permanent positions as Revenue Sheriff for Sligo and Roscommon, Revenue Sheriff for Kildare and Carlow, and Dublin City Sheriff. David Kelly, Joseph Burke, and Alice Lanigan were congratulated by Charlie Flanagan, the Justice Minister. Joseph got the Dublin City Sheriff position while Alice Lanigan and David Kelly settled into their new jobs as Revenue Sheriffs.

The Justice Minister was confident that the three would carry out their roles excellently. That is because the three were chosen as the best candidates for the various positions and had enough experience. He went ahead to mention that he was thankful for the services that John Kelly, James Barry and Frank Lanigan who are the incumbents at the moment. He wished them all the best in their future.

Before stepping into his new position, Joseph Burke who was newly-unveiled into the Dublin City Sheriff chair was a count supervisor for European and local elections. In private practice, he also held the position of managing partner

David Kelly, who now holds the Revenue for Sligo and Roscommon job has worked for the present Revenue Sheriff as an assistant. He worked in his previous role as a solicitor in private practice.

Alice Lanigan who is still a practicing solicitor has worked for more than eleven years in the debt and asset recovery, in property damage and personal injury, and professional indemnity. The Woman who is now taking up the Revenue Sheriff position in Kildare and Carlow brings all the experience that she has acquired into her new job.

An Open Competition for the Job
During the summer period, the jobs were advertised by the Public Appointments Service in an open competition.

Going by the conditions indicated in section 12 (5) of the Court Officers Act 1945, Anyone who has been appointed as Sheriff has to be either:

  • A solicitor with at least five years’ experience or
  • Has served as principal assistant or managing clerk to a sheriff or under-sheriff for five years or more or
  • A barrister who has been in the practice for at least five years.

Duties of the Dublin County Sheriff
The Dublin County Sheriff will have the following responsibilities:

  • Enforcing revenue certificates and court orders
  • Serving as the returning officer under section 30(2) of the Electoral Act 1992.

The Revenue Sheriff will be enforcing revenue certificates as stipulated in section 960 of Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.