More consumers are satisfied with lawyers this decade than in any other time November 2, 2018

More consumers are satisfied with lawyers this decade than in any other time

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A bigger number than before shows consumers who are happier than before as per a new research. There was an annual tracker survey conducted by the Legal Services Consumer Panel. Although a significant rise in customer satisfaction of the services they get from solicitors is noted, there has been no increase in the relatively small number of consumers who shop around for a lawyer. Nevertheless, consumer satisfaction reached a new high record.

A sample of 1,828 adults and another 3,535 people were surveyed by the tracker. The tracker which is in its 8th year covered the whole country, targeting individuals who in the past 3 years have sought and used legal services.

The level of satisfaction which is at 84% this year according to the survey by the Legal Services Consumer Panel was the highest to be recorded to date. This is because it considered almost all elements of service delivery, specifically professionalism, quality of advice as well as clarity of terms.

Having the worst element voted at 64% shows how satisfied consumers are with the solicitors. It was still a rise of 3 percentage points since last year’s survey. This is for the clients who said the service and advice provided to them was good value for money. The results made sense considering that 73% of the interviewed subject covered the legal services costs privately, which is up by 17% since 2012. Only 2% got Legal Aid which is down by 3% since last year.

The overall satisfaction of 88% is actually strong in non-contentious areas such as powers of attorney, will-writing and probate. This is definitely good news for any solicitors, including Manchester conveyancing solicitors experts. 40% of the surveyed individuals were seeking conveyancing. These, as well as the 30% seeking family services, were more likely to shop around for solicitors.

The shopping around ranges between consumers with younger consumers being much more likely to seek lawyers than the elderly. This is important to consider especially when it comes to the Manchester conveyancing solicitor professionals. Obviously, older consumers are more likely to be involved in conveyancing.

Most important factors to consider when choosing legal services in the country include reputation at 78%, price at 72% and specialism at 70%. For those looking specifically for conveyancing, the most important factor was a price which was a concern for 82%.

The survey also revealed some issues that the consumers faced as they looked for a price on the providers’ websites. Just 6% found the price on the site and 2% found it on a price comparison page or advertisement. The low levels of initial price transparency remained the same since last year. This according to the research may mean that consumers still find hinderances in making informed choices before talking to a legal service provider.

While there has been increasing in the number of consumers who are satisfied with solicitor’s services, the Public trust in lawyers remained at a stable 45%.