Driver ‘fortunate not to cause serious injury’ is jailed for trying to escape police at over 90mph November 6, 2018

Driver ‘fortunate not to cause serious injury’ is jailed for trying to escape police at over 90mph

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At one time in life, you may require to hire the services of a serious injury solicitor. Nathan Hilditch from Ulsta, Yell has been slammed with an eight-month jail term for driving dangerously at speeds exceeding 90 mph while high on alcohol and for trying to outpace traffic police. The presiding judge also banned the perpetrator from driving for a period of 40 months.


The accused also admitted to five previous charges that happened on 29 Sept on the A970 between Sandwick and Fladdabister. Nathan, 23, pleaded guilty for ignoring two traffic police constables when he was asked to stop and driving with 86 mcg of alcohol, exceeding the set legal limit with 64 mcg.


The perpetrator also pleaded guilty for driving dangerously on the wrong side of the road repeatedly, especially when negotiating dips and bends. The accused also admitted exceeding the 90 mph even in areas set at a 50mph limit. Nathan also rammed on roadside furniture before landing into a ditch. Perhaps the serious injury solicitor advised the accused to plead guilty to prevent other case complications.


Apart from the traffic police constables, other road users also expressed concern about Nathan’s reckless and dangerous driving. Duncan Mackenzie, the procurator fiscal informed the court that other motorists witnessed Nathan veering dangerously across the road and aired their concerns.


The traffic officer caught up with Nathan at Fladdabister where he was veering in the middle of the road, between two lanes and he had switched the hazard lights on. Since they were other motorists, the officers decided to turn on the blue lights and Nathan sped off at a terrific speed. The officer caught up with him for the second time at Cunningsburgh where he was driving at the wrong side of the road at 70 mph at dips and bends.


Mackenzie affirmed that the officers were greatly concerned about the safety of the accused and other motorists but they had to maintain a speed of 90 mph to keep up with the accused. Once Nathan rammed on roadside furniture, his car lost one tire before swerving into a nearby ditch.


The traffic cops later detected a strong smell of alcohol from the perpetrator and a roadside alcohol screening test affirmed that Nathan has exceeded the set legal limit. Tommy Allan, a serious injury solicitor for the defendant claimed that his client was extremely ashamed for his behaviour and had no recollection for the recorded offenses. Allan explained that his client had sought psychotherapy and had expressed an intense desire to address the pertinent issues affecting his life.


Sheriff Ian Cruickshank, the presiding judge, affirmed that Nathan’s incident was quite fortunate because no severe injuries resulted from the dangerous and reckless driving. Cruickshank provided no other option to incarceration and backdated the court sentence to when Nathan’s initially entered custody on the beginning of October of this year.